Shielding Your Space from UV Radiation

Shielding Your Space from UV Radiation with Pinnacle Window Films

Did you know that UVA rays account for 95% of the UV radiation on earth’s surface and penetrate the second layer of our skin? It’s a surprising statistic that sheds light on a hidden threat—UV radiation. Even when you’re nestled inside the comfort of your home or office, these invisible rays penetrate glass. This poses risks to your health and the interiors. But fear not! Pinnacle Window Films, Southern Alberta’s exclusive Llumar SelectPro dealer, has a solution that’s as powerful as it is protective: solar film. Let’s delve into how this ingenious shield can transform your environment while shielding your space from UV radiation.

Importance of Sun Protection Indoors and at Work

Understanding UV Rays and Indoor Exposure

Indoor spaces might seem like a safe haven from the sun, but UV rays manage to creep through windows, posing risks even when you’re inside. These rays, categorized as UVA and UVB, penetrate glass surfaces. While UVB is mainly filtered by regular glass, UVA rays silently wreak havoc. They cause long-term skin damage and increasing the risk of skin cancer, even when you’re just lounging indoors.

Protection Through Solar Film: Indoor Solutions

Enter Pinnacle Window Films, Southern Alberta’s exclusive Llumar SelectPro dealer. Our superhero? Solar film. This specialized film acts as a shield, blocking almost all of those pesky UV rays—up to 99.9%! Picture this: your home or office, a fortress against fading furniture, skin damage, and health risks caused by these invisible intruders.

Protecting Commercial Spaces

Workplaces are no exception. Pinnacle Window Films understands the importance of safeguarding your office. Think about the impact: happier, healthier employees, customers, and interiors that stay fresher for longer. Our solar film isn’t just a solution; it’s a game-changer for preserving your workspace.

Implementing Solar Film for Sun Protection

Picture Pinnacle Window Films’ solar film as the ultimate defender. It’s not just about UV protection; it’s easy to install and works like a charm indoors, keeping those damaging rays far away from your space. Being Southern Alberta’s exclusive Llumar SelectPro dealer means we have the finesse and know-how to ensure your installation is top-notch, providing comprehensive protection.

Want Sun Protection?

Don’t let those sneaky UV rays disrupt your indoor peace! Pinnacle Window Films is dedicated to shielding your home or office from UV damage. Our Llumar and Vista solar film solutions, blocking up to 99.9% of UV rays, are the ultimate defence. As Southern Alberta’s exclusive Llumar SelectPro dealer, we’re the go-to experts for window film in Medicine Hat.

Call Pinnacle Window Films!

Safeguarding your space is paramount in a world where even indoors isn’t safe from the sun’s stealthy UV invasion. Pinnacle Window Films, your Southern Alberta-exclusive Llumar SelectPro dealer, offers a robust defence against these intruding rays with our solar film solutions. From protecting your health to preserving the integrity of your interiors, our expertise ensures up to 99.9% blockage of harmful UV rays.
So, whether it’s your cozy home sanctuary or bustling office hub, take charge of sun protection and bid those sneaky UV rays a resounding farewell with Pinnacle Window Films’ expert solutions.

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